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Company information:

Hamster Cleaning is an International company with headquarter in Genk, Belgium. The company provides professional cleaning and inspection services of air ducts. It is a proud member of the European Ventilation Hygiene Association (EVHA) and is positioned as the most reliable ventilation hygienist in the European market. 

The company is working through an innovative, European standard EN 15780-compliant cleaning process, facilitating indoor quality air across cleanrooms, offices, public and commercial buildings, laboratories, and healthcare institutions.  

Applying its proprietary 95G -cleaning method, consisting of 3 phases, based on engineering, guarantee, and reliability,  the company aims to achieve completely dirt-free ventilation air ducts. 

The first phase involves an engineering approach –  Smart Inspection of the ducts, in compliance with European standard EN 12097.  

The second phase (guarantee) includes preparation for the cleaning process, with tailor-made strategies to the specifics of the building and the ventilation system  with minimal disruption in the client’s work while assuring the highest cleanliness results. 

The final third phase demonstrates transparency (reliability) by a comprehensive intelligent report on the condition of the cleaned ducts, by means of own software, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. 

The difference Hamster Cleaning aims to make against the climate challenges is focusing on ventilation hygiene, contributing to reduced CO2 footprint of buildings, less energy consumption, safe and clean work, and living environment. For a better world, inside out.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2022
Phone: 0885 94 18 50
Email: info@hamstercleaning.com
Address: bul. Bulgaria 88, Sofia, Bulgaria

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