Work Nomads

Company information:

WorkNomads is an employer for digital nomads that also offers worldwide flexible coliving. 

We hire (inter)national talents as our employees in Bulgaria, high-end niche experts in the field of Industrialized and Software Engineering, Business Development and Marketing & Design. We deploy their services remotely to clients’ projects worldwide. 

At the same time, we transformed the former Suite hotel in Studenski grad, into the WN LAB Hotel. With 120 rooms it’s the biggest hybrid co-living hotel in Bulgaria. Our hotel sets the scene for the future way of living and working. It’s a mixed use of hotel and flexible coliving and coworking, all under the same roof! 

As per the legal requirements, our employed nomads can live and work from WN LAB Hotel for a minimum period and will have the flexibility to work remotely at a destination of their choice or stay at partnership residences abroad. Currently we have offer flexible coliving in Colombia, Bali and Thailand. 

Our business streams such as outsourcing, hotel, coliving & coworking services are existing services but we bring them all together under one roof. The uniqueness of our concept stems from the fact that we employ the nomads ourselves and that they’re living in our WN LAB Hotel and remote partnerships worldwide. However, our employees and guests are not obliged to take up all services we offer. Everyone has the freedom and flexibility to choose what’s best for them. We just want to give people access the opportunity that suits them best and empower them to live life their way. 

Company details

Year of establishment: 2021
Number of employees: 80+
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Upwards of €10m
Address: Doctor Yordan Yosifov 1a, Sofia, Bulgaria

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