Company information:

SALS AD, Varna, a joint-venture between the EUROPORTS GROUP and GRANEX BULGARIA, was founded in 2000 as logistic partner of Solvay-Sodi.

SALS’ main activities include packing, storing and loading of bulk and packed cargo, maintenance of packing and loading installations, warehousing, quarry operations (blasting, loading and hauling) and national specialized transport.

Since 2015 SALS offers warehousing solutions for fertilizers (bulk storing/bagging) near the Port of Varna West.

SALS has a through put of around 5 Mio Tons per year with 225 employees in its facilities in Devnya.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2000
Number of employees: 225
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Quarry equipment, Warehouses, Trucks, Packaging equipment
Phone: +359 897992297
Address: South Industrial Zone, Warehouse Sals, 9160 Devnya

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