Company information:

Geotechmin OOD is the parent company of GEOTECHMIN GROUP.

Founded on 12 December 1990 with the purpose of providing geological exploration, consulting and engineering services, in less than a decade Geotechmin has evolved into an industrial group contributing sustainably to Bulgaria’s economic growth. In its 31-year history, Geotechmin Group has implemented numerous high profile projects and has proven its expertise, stability and integrity, thus gaining the trust of many Bulgarian and foreign clients and partners.

The company controls and coordinates the activities of all Group companies in the following business units: mining industry, construction and infrastructure, trade, energy and environment, agriculture, tourism and services.

Geotechmin OOD employs a team of highly qualified professionals who render integrated consultancy services in the mining sector, including development of business strategies, design of business plans, viability studies, innovative solutions and financial optimisation. This in-depth experience is offered to companies and
investors at all stages of project development for both underground and open-pit operations.

Geotechmin Group is permanently committed to the cause of regional development and well-being of the local population, constantly supports significant socially responsible initiatives, thus contributing to improving the quality of life and sustainable development of the society and local communities.

Company details

Year of establishment: 1990
Number of employees: 85
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Development, digitalization and environmental protection on the territory of Ellatzite-Med AD. Working on alternative energy projects, green buildings and most recently on creating green jobs.
Phone: +359 2 965 02 21
Address: 9 Lyulin Planina Str., Sofia 1606, Bulgaria

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