Company information:

DZI is the company with the longest history and experience on the Bulgarian insurance market. The company, a symbol of insurance in Bulgaria, develops and offers a full range of products in the areas of non-life insurance and life insurance, as well as products related to health risks. DZI is an innovative market leader. In response to emerging market trends and customer needs, the company has launched a large number of innovative and digital projects and services. DZI’s mission is to develop customer service in accordance with the latest trends and technologies, by expanding communication channels and actively including all opportunities for online connection with customers, using the opportunity to turn quality service into a successful sale.

For the last 3 years DZI has been among the top three of insurance companies with the most satisfied clients, according to IPSOS. The company has been awarded as “Insurer of the Year” a total of 8 times, including in 2020.

The company has a well-developed sales network – 140 own sites. It is characterized by high reliability and correctness in fulfilling its commitments to customers. DZI has more than 700 000 customers across the country, a well-developed distribution network and key partnerships. The company puts customers at the center of everything it does, offering products that help them feel safe and secure about themselves, their loved ones and their property.

Company details

Year of establishment: 1946
Number of employees: 700+
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: The company – insurance market leader in Bulgaria – has been part of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC since 2007.
Phone: 0700 16 166
Address: 89b, Vitosha Blvd. | UBB Millennium Center 1463 Sofia

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