За BBL Club


The Belgium-Bulgaria-Luxembourg Business Club has been established in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 5th of April 2005. The Club is a non-profit organization, that developes its importance as a formal, social and cultural meeting point for legal entities and individuals of Belgian, Bulgarian and Luxembourg origin. The BBL Club is a platform for exchanging business views and experience on the Bulgarian market. Today the BBL in Bulgaria actively promotes business relation between the three countries – Belgium, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.

Mission and purpose

The main purpose of the BBL BC is to bring together representatives of Belgian and Luxembourg businesses on Bulgarian market and vice versa.

To achieve its goals the Club and its members:

  • organize and participate in national and international forums, seminars, meetings, symposia, colloquia and other business events;
  • create and maintain contacts, take part and collaborate with organizations with similar goals and activities in Bulgaria or abroad;
  • inform Belgian and Luxembourg individuals and legal entities about the possibilities of investment and the business opportunities in Bulgaria;
  • express views of Belgian and Luxembourg investors on the Bulgarian business environment and coordinate with other organizations and business representations of other countries for joint actions or positions if considered appropriate.

The most prominent events which the BBL BC organizes are the traditional “Belgian Days in Bulgaria” and the annual business award “Primus Inter Pares”. 

Belgian days

Belgian Days – a tradition that started far in the year of 2006, are now a strong part of the Belgium-Bulgaria relations that encourages links and exchanges between the two countries in the field of business, culture and cuisine. Every year the Belgian Days have been organized by the Belgian-Bulgaria-Luxembourg Business Club under the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bulgaria.

The events in the program take place under the motto “Fun, Food & …”, which every year has a different focus.

Business Awards Primus Inter Pares

The “Primus Inter Pares” Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria and thus contributing to the development of the business, social, cultural and human relations between Belgium or Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

Every year the theme and the criteria for the Award are different.

All Belgian companies, active on the Bulgarian market and part of the BBL  BC are invited and welcomed to participate in the competition.

BBL Пресидент

Mr. Christof De Мил
CFO, убб

Mr. De Mil is Member of the Country Team of KBC Group for Bulgaria, Country CFO, Member of the Management Board of UBB, CFO of UBB, Innovation leader for KBC Group in Bulgaria.

He has a degree in Economics from the Economic University of Ghent and also MBA from INSEAD.

He is fluent in Dutch, Англиски, French, Business German and basic Czech.