Solvay Sodi

Company information:

SOLVAY SODI, Devnya is one of the biggest industrial companies in Bulgaria and the largest European plant for production of synthetic soda ash with a production capacity of 1,5 M tons of soda ash per annum. Soda ash is an essential raw material for the glass industry, used also in the production of detergents and cleaning preparations, in the chemical industry and metallurgy, silicates and glass fibers, while soda bicarbonate serves the markets of food products, animal feed, flue gas cleaning and healthcare.

Solvay Sodi was privatized in 1997, its main shareholders being the Belgian science group Solvay (75 %) and the Turkish group Sisecam (25 %).

Company details

Year of establishment: 1997
Number of employees: ~600
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: more than 1.5 billion BGN
Phone: +359 519 95 000
Address: 9160 Devnya, Industrial zone

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