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Company information:

Independent Surveyors and Consultants Ltd. was established in 1996 in Burgas as a private owned inspection company. 

The field of business is rendering full range of inspection and logistic services at all Bulgarian Black sea and Danube river ports as part of the international trade. 

In 1997, ISC Ltd. joined the International Group of Companies – Incolab Services B.V. as a full member under the name of “Incolab Services Bulgaria – ISC Ltd.” 

The close collaboration with the Head office in the Netherlands and the constant striving toward high quality and standards, resulted in a well-established company with proven market place and international recognition in a field of quantity and quality determination of import and export products. 

The company has branch offices rendering inspection services at every Black Sea and Danube river port. Incolab provides its services also in the EU, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt and (with international partners) in USA. 

Two laboratories for physical preparation and testing in Burgas and Varna are both well equipped, guaranteeing services in compliance with ISO and ASTM standards for fossil fuels (coal, petcoke, coke), grains, minerals, ores, concentrates, fertilizers, raw sugar etc. 

ISC Ltd. provides inspection services and stock monitoring under provisions of SMA and CMA to depositing products as: concentrates, raw / refined sugar, oil products, grains, tobacco, foods, steel, metal and industrial products.

Company details

Year of establishment: 1996
Number of employees: 43
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Sample preparation plant, offices in port areas, staff qualification
Phone: +35956824284
Address: 6 Angel Kanchev Str. kv.Akacii , 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria

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