Company information:

Eurosense is one of the leading aerial surveying, remote sensing, and geo-data companies in Europe, with headquarter in Belgium. The group is created in 1964 and has offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. Specialties of Eurosense include high resolution aerial imagery (up to 2 cm), aerial laser scanning (LiDAR), 3D-modeling, aerial thermography, GIS-consultancy, and other geo-related queries. Customers are both public (government) and private organizations.

As a part of the group, Eurosense Bulgaria offers high quality geographical information, derived from two remote sensing sources, being spaceborne and airborne. All data is processed and interpreted by Eurosense to meet high standards for quality, precision and reliability.

Acquiring and processing a high-resolution data is key for the products we offer to our clients. Eurosense has cutting-edge instruments and a highly skilled staff taking care of the data acquisition from flight planning to delivery. Through ensuring high quality throughout planning, acquisition, and processing, Eurosense delivers highly accurate geo-data for better decision making by providing imagery, laser scanning point clouds (LiDAR) or 3D models.

The fleet of Eurosense counts four twin-engine airplanes with each being able to mount multiple payloads. Our navigators design a flight plan according to the data-needs to efficiently execute the flight missions. Experienced pilots and system operators guarantee the highest quality of the acquired data.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2003
Number of employees: < 20
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Aircraft Cessna 404 Titan for aerial surveying, photo flights and geophysical research; Established facilities for processing of classified digital data according to TEMPEST NATO standard; High-end equipment (hard-/software) for airborne and satellite data processing
Phone: + 359 (0) 2 920 0477
Address: 2E, Acad. Ivan Geshov blvd., Business Center “Serdika”, office 206

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