Company information:

Euroccor has been established in 2006. At present we employ at around 300 valued colleagues, located in our state-of-the-art Sofia office. Fully GDPR, PCI and ISO 18295:2018  compliant, we in 2017 partnered with the largest Contact Center organization in the Benelux: Mifratel NV

In 2018, after the acquisition of the Dutch companies Fintrex BV and PCS BV, we all became YOURCE.

The YOURCE Group is an organization specialized in bringing key aspects of Customer Contact together: Sourcing talented staff & providing excellent expertise and operations in Business Process Outsourcing.

With locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Spain and Morocco, YOURCE has the capacity to offer tailor-made Customer Contact solutions across all channels: Customer Care & Sales, Inbound, Outbound, Email, Social, and much more. This is possible, because YOURCE unites over 12.000 behind one mission: Empowering organizations to stay a step ahead in Customer Contact. The YOURCE Group is supported by the Belgian Private Equity fund KeBeK and the Dutch Private Equity fund Parcom.

Being located nearshore, outsourcing to Euroccor offers a multitude of benefits without compromising on any of the European quality, performance & security standards our clients rightfully expect.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2006
Number of employees: >220
Phone: +359 2 4899442, +359 2 4899650
Address: 1166 Sofia, 2 Donka Ushlinova str., Garitage park, build. 1, fl. 1.

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