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Company information:

Contact and call centers come in many forms. Yet Yource Bulgaria is not just one of the many contact centers abroad. Our continuous striving for quality and flexibility has made us unique in several ways. Together with our clients, we are driven by a collaborative culture where we challenge each other to find new ways to be better, faster, and smarter at what we do.

Fully GDPR, PCI and ISO 18295:2018 compliant, in 2017 we partnered with the largest Contact Center organization in the Benelux: Mifratel NV. In 2018, after the acquisition of the Dutch companies Fintrex BV and PCS BV, we all became YOURCE. With locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Greece, Suriname, Spain and Morocco, YOURCE has the capacity to offer tailor-made Customer Contact solutions across all channels: Customer Care & Sales, Inbound, Outbound, Email, Social, and more.

Customer experience is about empathy. It’s about delivering experiences people love. Experiences based on trust and honesty. We want to make a difference in the world where customers are always expecting more and better, so we attach great importance to excellent training and support. Our employees occupy a crucial position within our company where their performance is the key to our success. Training our employees means we are investing in personal development and finding opportunities for our people to progress within the company. We believe in discovering people’s potential, guiding a talent, and encouraging their creativity- these are key elements for individual’s growth.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2006
Number of employees: >250
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: In 2022 we established Yource Greece SA with seat in Thessaloniki and Yource Bulgaria AD as its parent company.
Phone: +359 2 4899442, +359 2 4899650
Address: 1166 Sofia, 2 Donka Ushlinova str., Garitage park, build. 1, fl. 1.

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