Euro-Balkan Trade

Company information:

EBT (Euro-Balkan Trade) has expanded into several business activities throughout the years. With strong, experienced and dedicated teams on the ground in both Bulgaria and Belgium, EBT guarantees a professional, trustworthy and qualitative approach across all activities. Our main focus is on investing in real estate (mainly offices, parking lots and retail spaces) and in steel production companies (mostly producing earth moving equipment).

On the side we engage in trading between Bulgaria and the Benefralux (mostly machinery) as well as offering consulting services.

Company details

Year of establishment: 1996
Number of employees: under 20 + ~330 in subcontracting in Bulgaria (on different sites)
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Acquired real estate (offices, garages and retail) and invested in production companies
Phone: +32 477 65 16 24
Address: Ivel Business Centre, 2A Klokotnitsa street, 3rd floor, office 14-15, 1202 Sofia

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