Ecology KM

Company information:

EcologyKM Ltd. is active in the domain of ecology, as well as sustainable technologies, with as main objective to introduce ecology as a common denominator in all aspects of daily life, whether in a private, public or company setting.


To make this possible, the company has brought together experts in the field of engineering, mathematics, ecology, sustainable technologies, as well as ecological food processing to offer its expertise to private and public customers.


Our expertise is mainly focused towards the field of ecotechnology, applying science that seeks to fulfil human needs while causing minimal ecological disruptions, and harnessing and manipulating natural forces to leverage their beneficial effects.

We achieve this by:

  • increasing the efficiency in the selection and use of materials and energy sources,
  • control of impacts on ecosystems,
  • development and permanent improvement of cleaner processes and products,
  • eco-marketing,
  • introducing environmental management systems in the production and services sectors,
  • training of staff from the tourism sector into becoming ecology aware,
  • development of activities for increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection and promotion of sustainable development by the general public.


We are working together with local stakeholders in the field of ecology, agriculture and tourism, as well as with partners from abroad expertised in ecotechnics and engineering with whom we develop cooperation projects (

Company details

Year of establishment: 2017
Number of employees: 7
Phone: 0884159815
Address: v. Brestovitsa, Rodopi Municipality, Plovdiv Region, postal code: 4224, 48 Angel Voyvoda Str., floor 1, Bulgaria

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