Caroline Biss

Company information:

2 production sites in Bulgaria:

  • Valina (Asenovgrad) – privatization in 1997 – 180 persons
  • Legia (Rakovski) – privatization in 2000 – 290 persons


Belgian’s fashion house Caroline Biss came to Bulgaria in 1997 with the idea to find extra capacity for its growing production needs. The first privatization went well. Shortly, the company was upgraded to the necessary standards. The success of this investment triggered another privatization – Legia in Rakovski.

There was a lot of demand from other Belgian fashion houses for quality production. Legia started to work for those companies. Today, the group does – apart from its own Caroline Biss production – another 15 Belgian fashion brands, amongst them several Antwerp designer labels.  Approximately 30.000 garments are produced on a monthly basis.

Company details

Year of establishment: 1997
Number of employees: 470
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: privatization of another factory – Legia in Rakovski
Phone: +359 31512147
Address: 47 G.S.Rakovski blvd. ; 4150 Rakovski; BULGARIA

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