C&B Consultancy

Company information:

Together with our client we setup a consultancy strategy that sets the focus on the core business of your company meanwhile we take the brighter picture by looking beyond that, in order to provide you a growth in smooth and easy way based on your idea and potentials.

Core and beyond consultancy will guide start-ups and SME’s on different organizational levels on a tailor-made basis keeping in mind the following: growth, territory, people, digitalization and easiness.

Services: Business setup, Company policies; Paralegal services, HR consulting, Cost cutting methods, Offline and virtual office. Coaching and training. Networking & visibility.

Because of previous projects the founder of this start-up consultancy firm has guided as a coach and start-up consultant before, we are recognized for this by 2 UK rewarding projects for Startups and SME’s.

As far as we can follow the recent news and the decision of an external jury our found has the highest change between the other nominated consultants to receive 2 awards for Best Consulting Company in Bulgaria 2021

Later this year C&B consultancy will finish 2 business plans for 2 world changing applications with blockchain and AI: Fraud detection and healthcare.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2021
Key investments since establishment in Bulgaria: Start-up position
Phone: +359 89 568 59 86
Email: kev.debruycker@gmail.com
Address: 16 Lyullin Planina str., 1606 Sofia BG

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