BIT Design

Company information:

We provide custom IT solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

At BIT Design, we are specialized in analyzing a business problem or potential optimization, proposing solutions for it and then implementing it in an agile way. Agile means that the implementation goes in small steps which include continuous discussion and evaluation with the customer. The IT solutions we provide can range from a simple website implementation to a full-fledged Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations implementation with customizations according to the client’s needs. The latter is our specialization and our main source of business.


Apart from our business activities, we also created a non-profit initiative to share our love for the (Bulgarian) mountains with the world. An Android and iOS app for this initiative is also in the making.


BIT Design consists of just one permanent employee, but we have a range of trusted freelancers and companies we collaborate with in case we need more support for your implementation.

Company details

Year of establishment: 2017
Number of employees: 1

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