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Информация за компанията:


Berkein Architects is an architecture company with more than thirty години of experience, located originally Aalter, Belgium. During that period we have grown  apidly and steadily. In response of that rising demand for our services, in 2014 a subsidiary architecture office was open in Sofia, Bulgaria and thus, a new chapter of our company has been created. Today, our international team consists of more than 60 architects and engineers.



Proud of what we have achieved, we strive to keep the momentum with professional approach and hard work. Motivated by the belgian’s market demand and confident from our numerous achievements, our bureau is pursuing new international opportunities all over the world…



We specialize in the design of residential projects on different scales – from urban planning projects to interiors of single family houses, as well as in the design of offices, department stores and industrial buildings.

Данни за компанията

Година на основаване: 2014
Брой служители: 50
Телефон: +32 (0) 9 227 88 27
Eлектронна поща:
Адрес: Bellemstraat 50, 9880 Aaalter, Белгия; 132 Mimi Balkanska, Sofia

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