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The Belgium-Bulgaria-Luxembourg Business Club is a non-profit making Association aimed at carrying out activities to private interest in terms of art. 2 para 4 of the Non-profit Legal Entities Act.

Goals and activities

The goals of the Club are:

1. to promote and assist in Bulgaria the development of the business relations between Belgian, Luxembourg and Bulgarian individuals and
legal entities;

2. to increase formal and informal contacts in Bulgaria between Bulgarian, Belgian and Luxembourg business people and legal entities.

To achieve its goals the Club and its members:

  • organize and participate in national and international forums, seminars, meetings, symposia, colloquia and other business events;
  • create and maintain contacts, take part and collaborate with organizations with similar goals and activities in Bulgaria or abroad;
  • inform Belgian and Luxembourg individuals and legal entities about the possibilities of investment and the business opportunities in
  • express views of Belgian and Luxembourg investors on the Bulgarian business environment and coordinate with other organizations and
    business representations of other countries for joint actions or positions if considered appropriate.


The bodies of the Club are the General Assembly of the Club, the Executive Board, the Chairman of the Club and the Deputy Chairman.


Belgian days

We will keep our tradition to celebrate, but this time in a digital way with THE BELGIAN HAPPY HOURsee more

Primus Inter Pares

The Primus Inter Pares Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria.see more


November 17th

Belgian Happy Hour
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