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About Primus Inter Pares

Primus Inter ParesThe goal of the award Primus Interpares Award is to honor one of the BBL members who has excelled in a unique and inovative way.


The “Primus Inter Pares” Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria and thus contributing to the development of the business, social, cultural and human relations between Belgium or Luxembourg and Bulgaria. Every year the theme and the criteria for the Award are different.

PRIMUS INTER PARES, edition 2019

For market history makers

Our well-established business award competition now welcomes successful stories that speak of innovation, resilience and long-term results, and at the end of the day ones that transform the thriving environment for doing business in Bulgaria.

The award organized within the framework of the Belgian Days under the wings of the Belgian Embassy in Bulgaria and the Belgian-Bulgarian-Luxembourg (BBL) business club turns 10 years of age this year. Winners have included trendsetters in various sectors such as Solvay Sodi, Melexis, BulAvto and Designboard to name but a few.

140 years of diplomatic relationships between Bulgaria and Belgium sparked the theme for the Belgian days: Fun, Food and History.

We all know that the BBL member-companies are writing history in Bulgaria and aim to continue doing so going forward. Obviously the decisions taken in the history of these companies also shape the future of them.

That is why the PRIMUS INTER PARES committee wants to find out what actions/projects have been  realized in recent history which meant a real game changer for the future of the company.

These could be initiatives related to innovation, a strategic decision implementation, a certain technology implementation, positioning in the market through CSR, and so on.

In short: what exceptional action/project was realized which had a defining impact for the company going forward.

The pitches in front of our jury and the awarding ceremony is due on 14 Oct.

The BBL members are welcomed to tell their business stories of 2019 that made market history!

This year the presentations are supposed to be in a format that the participants prefer.

The applications must be submitted by 10th of October 2019.


Belgian days

In 2019 the Belgian-Bulgarian-Luxembourg Business Club and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bulgaria will organize the 14th edition of the BELGIAN DAYS in BULGARIA.see more

Primus Inter Pares

The Primus Inter Pares Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria.see more


October 10th - 18th

Belgium Days in Bulgaria 2019
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