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geotechminManaging Director: Dominic Hamers

Geotechmin OOD is a private company with over 25-year history, which has implemented some of the most successful and significant projects in mining industry, industrial construction, road infrastructure and environmental protection in Bulgaria. Geotechmin OOD is the parent company of GEOTECHMIN GROUP. It is committed to enhancing the long-term viability, business development and key strategies of the Group. The company controls and coordinates the activities of all Group companies in various business sectors.


Belgian days

In 2019 the Belgian-Bulgarian-Luxembourg Business Club and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bulgaria will organize the 14th edition of the BELGIAN DAYS in BULGARIA.see more

Primus Inter Pares

The Primus Inter Pares Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria.see more


October 10th - 18th

Belgium Days in Bulgaria 2019
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