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Manager: Emile Maes

The Company EUROSENSE EOOD has been established on December 16, 2003as a doughter company of Eurosense Belfotop (Belgium). Over the past years EUROSENSE EOOD has built fundamental technical capacity and become a leading company in the field of Aerial photography and Photogrammetry in Bulgaria.

All products and services to customers are fully integrated within the organization: aerial photography, processing and interpretation of satellite images, development of photogrammetric and topographic maps, digital orthophoto, aerial laser scanning, and thermographic measurements, development of databases in the sphere of GIS and consulting services.


Belgian days

We will keep our tradition to celebrate, but this time in a digital way with THE BELGIAN HAPPY HOURsee more

Primus Inter Pares

The Primus Inter Pares Award was established in 2009 by the BBL BC to recognize the most successful Belgian company investing and developing business in Bulgaria.see more


November 17th

Belgian Happy Hour
see more